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Amanda's real name was Geralyn Amores Lozano. There isn't much additional information available about this gorgeous actress. She began her
  Born in 1964, Anna Marie began her acting career at the age of fifteen in the family comedy movie
Barbara’s real name was Angelita Aguas. Her slender figure, babyface and beautiful smile captured the interest of Regal Films producer
Famously known as one of the “Softdrink Beauties” (along with Sarsi Emmanuelle and Pepsi Paloma), Coca was discovered by talent manager
The daughter of a retired US Navy serviceman and a Puerto Rican/Filipina mother, Cristina (Jean Elizabeth May in real life)
Another 80’s actress about whom little is known, Didith made only a few movies in the late 1987 before quitting the
Farrah began her acting career in Ang walang malay in 1986. She never achieved the level of fame as did
Joy Sumilang, who claimed to be the daughter of former matinee idol Romeo Vazquez, was born in 1964. She was
Beautiful Lampel is an enigma. Her real name was Imelda Tablante and she was from Atimonan,Quezon, where she attended Leon
Liz was born in 1963 in Sorsogon. Her real name was Elizabeth Alindogan Kho. She was a model when, at
Maria Isabel Lopez stands out from the other bold stars of the 80's for her achievements both before and after
The daughter of a US serviceman and a Filipina, Maureen Mauricio was one of, if not the, most beautiful starlets
Myra had a difficult childhood. Born Geraldine Zervoulakos, her mother was abandoned by her father on the day Myra was born. Her
When controversial talent agent Rey dela Cruz discovered her, Myrna Castillo’s family was reportedly so poor that Myrna was sleeping
There isn't much information available about voluptuous Olivia. She had a gorgeous face and body, and was an actress from
  Pepsi Paloma’s story is both tragic and, after all these years, still shrouded in suspicion and mystery. Her real
Sarsi Emmanuelle was a popular bold actresses of the 80's. Born Maria Jennifer Obregon Mitchell, she studied in Catholic school
When martial law in the Philippines was lifted in January, 1981, it ushered in new freedom for the country’s film
Stella Strada, born Suzette Bishop, had a challenging youth. Her mother reportedly died while she was young, and her father
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