Cristina Crisol

The daughter of a retired US Navy serviceman and a Puerto Rican/Filipina mother, Cristina (Jean Elizabeth May in real life) always dreamed of being a movie star while she was growing up in Olongapo. When one of her friends told her about a film scout, she applied immediately. Upon seeing her striking beauty, the talent scout asked her to be a bold star in the movies, an offer she quickly accepted.


Her fame was brief, and after appearing in about 10 or 12 movies, among them Kikirut-Kirot, Uhaw na Uhaw, Di mahilom ang Sugat and Paraisong Gubat, she fell in love and turned her back on what was then a very good career. Cristina became a sexy dancer after leaving acting. As a star attraction at Manila gentleman’s clubs, she at one point earned over P10,000 a night in pay and tips.

Cristina resurfaced in 2008 in GMA’s Wish Ko Lang, a Channel 7 multi- awarded TV program. She has four children from different relationships and is now living a simple life in Masantol, Pampanga with her husband, a construction worker, and two kids. She has no regrets about her life as a sexy star except not saving more money and not finishing her studies.

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