Coca Nicolas

Famously known as one of the “Softdrink Beauties” (along with Sarsi Emmanuelle and Pepsi Paloma), Coca was discovered by talent manager Rey dela Cruz and starred in a string of hit films. During this time, Coca, whose real name was Johnnalee Hickins, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle as a bankable actress, with box office hits like Snake Sisters (1984), Naked Island (1984) and Kalapating Musmos (1985).

Excessive vice lead to her addiction to the drug Mogadon. When the Bold Era passed, her film career deteriorated. She took work as an entertainer in Japan, where she turned to alcohol abuse and heavy smoking. Eventually she returned to the Philippines, but she had squandered her savings. She lost her house, and is now battling lung disease from her past chain smoking. Coca said she regrets not putting aside money for her future during her glory days as a bold star.

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