Myra Manibog

Myra Manibog

Myra had a difficult childhood. Born Geraldine Zervoulakos, her mother was abandoned by her father on the day Myra was born. Her family was extremely poor, and she was repeatedly molested by her stepfather. At the age of 11, she dropped out of school to work as a commercial print model. She was a stunning beauty and, dreaming of fame and fortune, joined the movies to earn money for her family. Under the screen name Myra Manibog, she became a star after doing the bold film Snake Sisters in 1984 for director Celso Ad Castillo. She was one of the top bold stars of the era, appearing in more than 30 movies over seven years. Among her other film credits were:

  • Naked Island (1984)
  • Matukso kaya ang anghel? (1984)
  • Silip (1985)
  • Bomba Queen (1985)
  • Room 69 (1985)
  • Sobra na, kulang pa (1985)
  • Mga Tigre sa Gubat (1986)
  • Isang kumot tatlong unan (1986)
  • Sukdulan (1987)
  • Night Swiming (1987)


Her bold acting included “Pene” scenes that featured actual penetration, though the explicit sex was censored for theatrical release.

She was married in 1987 and left the film industry when she became pregnant in 1989. Her last movie was Alias Pusa with Ramon Revilla. She and her husband battled shabu addiction and later separated. A single parent, Myra began selling french fries to school children, cooking at five in the morning and earning just P100 a day. Struggling to provide for her family, Myra took work in Japan as a document translator and as a club manager at night. She remained in Japan for 10 years before returning to the Philippines, where she turned her life around and now works as an assistant vice president at a BPO company in Cavite. She is also the manager of her children’s band, Alekza, Kevin and Aika, collectively known as A.K.A., and produced their debut album.

Open to acting again, Myra appeared in the television series Maalaala mo kaya in 2004.