Anna Marie Gutierrez

Anna Marie Gutierrez


Born in 1964, Anna Marie began her acting career at the age of fifteen in the family comedy movie Dolphy’s Angels (1980). Over the next three years, she appeared in over twenty films. Her signature short hair and cute, girl-next-door looks made her a standout.


When she was 18, she began to star in mature movies such as Harot and Dagta. Her comely face was matched by a slender, beautiful body and gravity defying breasts.

It was the bold film Scorpio Nights in 1985 that catapulted her to full stardom. Considered by many to be a classic of Philippine cinema, and perhaps the most erotic of all the 80’s Bold era films, Scorpio Nights was first released uncut in a limited run at the Manila Film Center in 1985, where it shocked viewers. Although its wide theatrical release was censored, the uncut version was later released on DVD.  Anna Marie went on to star in numerous other bold films such as Takaw Tukso, Climax, Unfaithful Wife, and Di Mahilom ang Sugat. She stopped acting in 1988, but her impact on Philippines bold movies will never be forgotten.


Rumor has it that she married a wealthy businessman before relocating to the United States. She was a former office manager for a surgical doctor in a New York hospital. Now divorced, she is a homemaker in Westchester,  NY, where she has one daughter.

Here is a preview of one of the most famous scenes from Scorpio Nights. Daniel Fernando has sex with Anna Marie, who pretends to be sleeping: