More About Philippine Bold Actresses of the 1980’s

When martial law in the Philippines was lifted in January, 1981, it ushered in new freedom for the country’s film industry. The Bomba genre of the 1970’s, in which women wore revealing (often wet) clothing but were not nude-

-quickly evolved into the much more erotic movies of the 1980s. During this period, a bevy of sexy new actresses emerged. They were young and beautiful. They revealed everything on screen. They engaged in steamy sex scenes. And they created a legacy: the 80’s Bold Era in Philippine cinema.


This website is a tribute to those sizzling stars, each of whom left their legendary mark on the Bold Era. Some of those 80’s starlets went on to become acclaimed actresses, with successful careers in Philippine cinema and television. Some met tragic ends. Others had a brief flash of fame and then disappeared. But they all had something in common: they possessed fresh, stunning, natural beauty. And they were unashamed to bare themselves in the films they starred in.

Nudity and sex were central plot elements of all Philippine bold films in the 80’s. Although not porn flicks, many of the bold movies had sex scenes that were actually unsimulated. These so called “Pene” films (short for “penetration”) were censored when they appeared in theaters, but Betamax copies were later released for sale that included explicit cut scenes which had been either inserted back into the movie or hidden at the end of the film after the credits. Some before and after examples are shown from the movie Asawa Mo Kalaguyo Koon on Joy Sumilang’s page and the lesbian scene from the movie Hudas on Myrna Castillo’s page. Such secret hardcore footage has served to further elevate the fantasy aura of bold actresses from this era.

Bold movies peaked in the Philippines in 1986, but when Cory Aquino stepped into power in the late 1980’s, her administration sought to restore Catholic morality to the county, and the Bold era drew to a close. This ended an amazing period which will probably never happen again in Philippine movies. While many of the classic bold movies from this time are either lost or unavailable, known now only by name and an occasional picture, some can still be purchased online. For example, Amazon sells a DVD of what is possibly the hottest of the 80’s bold movies: Scorpio Nights staring Anna Marie Gutierrez. Also, many of the cut or hidden video clips can be found on sites like

I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing these sizzling, gorgeous Pinay actresses from that unique era of Philippine cinema. Of course, this is far from a complete list, but I’ve done my best to accurately summarize any information I’ve been able to gather about the select actresses listed here, as well as to include some pictures and short video clips from their movies. If you find mistakes, or if you can offer more information, please email me at, or use the handy form below. Also, feel free to drop me a note with questions, comments or suggestions.


Note: Please do not ask me for copies of 80’s bold films. Unfortunately, I don’t own the movies mentioned on this site.

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Maureen Mauricio

Maureen Mauricio

The daughter of a US serviceman and a Filipina, Maureen Mauricio was one of, if not the, most beautiful starlets of the Bold era. With a mixed heritage, she had fair skin, a gorgeous face and a voluptuous figure. Her acting career was launched when she was just thirteen years old in the 1984 movie Nalalasap Ang Hapdi. The following year she had a minor role in the bold movie Climax, in which she acted alongside bold icons Anna Marie Gutierrez and Barbra Benitez. In 1986, at the age of fifteen, she exploded onto the bold scene, staring in ten films. Some of her notable movies include:

  • 1986       Tukso Sa Mundo
  • 1986       Hayok
  • 1986       Sabik… Kasalanan Ba?
  • 1986       Nag-aapoy Na Gabi
  • 1986       Huwag Pamarisan: Kulasisi
  • 1986       Hapdi
  • 1986       Di Maghilom Ang Sugat
  • 1987       Killer AIDS
  • 1988       Batang Matadera


In the 1990’s, Maureen moved from bold movies to serious dramatic roles in both film and television. After working with several esteemed directors, her career slowed. While accepting small parts and guest appearances on television, she ran a beauty parlor and focused on raising her three daughters. In recent years, she has accepted more television roles, including the 2017 series Maalaala Mo Kaya. Her acting and screen presence are highly regarded within the industry. Neither her looks nor her talent have faded with age, and she remains a strikingly beautiful woman.

Liz Alindogan

Liz Alindogan

Liz was born in 1963 in Sorsogon. Her real name was Elizabeth Alindogan Kho. She was a model when, at the age of 17, she was discovered by comedian Dolphy in a fashion show in the Manila Hotel in Ermita. Her first movie was the family comedy Dolphy’s Angels in 1980 where she acted alongside another soon-to-be bold icon, Anna Marie Gutierrez. She became an 80’s bold star in films such as Heartache City, Escort Girls, and Company Of Women.


The end of the Bold Era did not end her movie career. To the contrary, it flourished. By 1998 she had over 60 movie and TV credits.

She was married to former action star Jess Lapid, Jr. They had two children before divorcing. Liz is now married to businessman Benny Kho with whom she has four children.  She continues to stay busy in both film and television.

Anna Marie Gutierrez

Anna Marie Gutierrez


Born in 1964, Anna Marie began her acting career at the age of fifteen in the family comedy movie Dolphy’s Angels (1980). Over the next three years, she appeared in over twenty films. Her signature short hair and cute, girl-next-door looks made her a standout.


When she was 18, she began to star in mature movies such as Harot and Dagta. Her comely face was matched by a slender, beautiful body and gravity defying breasts.

It was the bold film Scorpio Nights in 1985 that catapulted her to full stardom. Considered by many to be a classic of Philippine cinema, and perhaps the most erotic of all the 80’s Bold era films, Scorpio Nights was first released uncut in a limited run at the Manila Film Center in 1985, where it shocked viewers. Although its wide theatrical release was censored, the uncut version was later released on DVD.  Anna Marie went on to star in numerous other bold films such as Takaw Tukso, Climax, Unfaithful Wife, and Di Mahilom ang Sugat. She stopped acting in 1988, but her impact on Philippines bold movies will never be forgotten.


Rumor has it that she married a wealthy businessman before relocating to the United States. She was a former office manager for a surgical doctor in a New York hospital. Now divorced, she is a homemaker in Westchester,  NY, where she has one daughter.

Here is a preview of one of the most famous scenes from Scorpio Nights. Daniel Fernando has sex with Anna Marie, who pretends to be sleeping: